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You are a very bright student, and you need a reward for that, Mr.
Denning said getting dirty with me.
Give me my reward Mr.
Denning, I said with a smile and pushing my ass back on his cock.

Denning fucked me for a couple of more minutes, and then he asked me to get on my knees and open my mouth.
He was Indian porn tube download pics gallery 2018. stroking his big cock, and I had my mouth opened for him.

Ah fuck, Mr.

Denning groaned as he dropped his huge load of cum in my mouth.
Yummy reward, I said feeling not ashamed of swallowing my teachers cum.
I headed out to college the following year.

I was home for Spring Break my junior year and had just turned twenty-one.
As I always did when I was home for break I would visit each one of my Aunts.
One evening I decided to drop in on Aunt Judy.

Uncle Ed was again on a business trip and Patty was not on break yet.
Aunt Judy was delighted to see me as I was her.
She was definitely my favorite Aunt, and I knew that I was her favorite nephew.

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I had called earlier to see if she would be home.
She suggested I come by around 7:30 or so.
I told my mom and dad that I was going over to see Aunt Judy and strolled next door.

Aunt Judy greeted me with a big hug and kiss.
It was a beautiful Spring evening so we decided to go out and sit by their pool.
We had been talking for about a half hour or so when Aunt Judy stood up and told me that she would be right back.

She came back with a bottle of wine, laughed and said that she had forgotten that I was legal.
About an hour or so later we had finished that bottle so I went in to go to the bathroom and, at Aunt Judys request, picked up another bottle of wine.

We continued talking for another hour or so about my studies, my upcoming Girl screming from getting fucked. job this summer, things at the church, Pattys college experience and family matters.
Aunt Judy was extremely proud that Patty had been selected as the most beautiful co-ed at Ole Miss.

For some reason after that spanking of three years ago I had thought a number of times about Pattys reaction.
I decided to bring up the subject with Aunt Judy.

Aunt Judy, do you remember the evening in high school when Patty and I came home for dinner and you decided to spank me for getting the red light ticket? Of course, I do, Patrick.

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