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I tried not to gag, but Nude big boob russian. my inexperience didnt make that possible.
Take your time, he coaxed me as I licked from tip to base.
I cupped his balls as I sucked him, his sexual scent adding to my arousal.

I gently licked the side of his cock with the tip of my tongue as I brushed him against my lips and cheek.
Liu smiled as he watched me tease and suck his cock.
I was amazed at how hard it was and I loved the feel Milf riders lani. of his hardness in my mouth.

I sucked him deeply, feeling him in the back of my throat and licking underneath the shaft.
It was my first experience with the male anatomy and I was enjoying every second of it.

Rub my cock between your tits, he said and I gladly did so.

I pressed my tits together; his cock nestled between them as I rubbed my tits up and down the shaft.
Oh yeah, he smiled as he rubbed his balls.
Your cock feels so good, I said as I went back to sucking him again. Giorgia-soler sexi vidio garil and women xxx.
This time, he was fucking my mouth with it, pounding the back of my throat.

He pulled it out and I masturbated him again, jerking him hard and fast.
He moaned from the pleasure, but then shook his head no.
Did I do something wrong? I asked nervously.
I need to fuck you, he said breathing heavily.

Oh God, Im not sure Liu, I said, not sure if I was ready.
Ill be very gentle, I promise, but I need to fuck you, he said again.
My physical needs outweighed my reason.
I wanted him inside me.

Yes, fuck me, Liu, I replied as I lie on the bed.
He knelt between my legs, my pussy still wet from the oral sex he gave me.
He held my legs open as I felt the tip of his cock as it slowly pressed inside me.
He slid it inside me.
The deeper he went, the greater my discomfort.

Just relax, let me in, he said.
I relaxed as best I could as he slowly pumped his cock inside me.
Am I hurting you? he asked.
A little, I replied.
Just relax, he said as he rubbed my clit.
Youre so tight, he moaned as he thrusted a bit faster.

I tried not to focus on the discomfort, instead focusing on his pleasure.
I rubbed my tits as the room was filled with our moans and the sound of the creaking bed.

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Housewives personals in mililani hi.