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I didnt move for a second.
And then it hit me.
Oh shit.
I dont use protection.
I dont use condoms.
We cant do anything.

I cant take that risk, and neither can you, I finally said to her.
Tammy got up, said nothing, walked over to the dresser, got her purse, went into it, and came out with it.
And I saw what was in her hand.

Two condom packages.
I stood up, staring at them Asian panties bukkake..
Id used them in the past, true, but nothing like this had come across my mind.
At all.
Tammy walked up to me, opened a package, tore it, and then pulled the condom out.
She smirked at me, got on her knees, had it in her hand, and giggled.

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I didnt say anything, as she got on her knees, between my legs, and Ill be goddamned if she didnt start rolling it right down my dick.
Kiley was lying on the floor, sitting partially up, her legs spread, and her friend was right there in front of me, putting a condom on my massively hard dick.

In a matter of seconds, she had it rolled all the way down, tugged on it, squeezed it up against my balls just right, and then backed off.
She smiled at me, glanced at Kiley, and said, Okay.
Youre all set.
I stared down at Kiley.
I had the condom on my dick.
I was hard as a rock.

Id already cum twice that night.
I knew from experience, that I wouldnt have another Squirting through masturbation. orgasm for an hour.
When Id masturbate, Id cum one or two times, and the last time of the night I could literally go forever.

Sex was the same way.

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Housewives personals in jakin ga.