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Michael unbuttoned his shirt, still pressed against the front door.
Rose was fiercely kissing his neck as she stroked the base of his cock.
He felt her wrist becoming wet as she worked the precum out of the tip.
When she felt the wet tip, Roses mouth began to water.

At once, like their souls were on the same wave length, Michael pushed her down and Rose put all of her built up sexuality into giving herself to him.
She felt his abs tense up as she gave Horny women for online fun. the first thrust.
She could feel the ridge of the head massaging the back of her tongue.

She pushed harder.

The entire head squeezed into her throat and she could feel the tightness of it. Who is venus and serena williams dating.
She felt her gag reflex coming and suppressed it as Michael pulled out and left a trail of precum on the roof of her mouth.
It tasted so good!

Rose stood up and pulled Michael by his hand into her bedroom while the shoulder straps of the lace sundress fell to her sides.
Rose stepped out of the dress revealing herself to him.
She is exactly what a man looks for in a woman; stylish, classy, and totally crazy!

They fell down on the made up bed together.
Pushing aside decorative pillows, Michael spread Roses legs and using two fingers, gently guided his swollen penis inside of her.
Her lips were red from going down on him and he could taste the cum.

He thrust Breast cancer fund raising. into her which made her moan and grab his muscular back.
He thrust again and she moaned louder and arched her chest up wanting more!

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