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I could feel her breasts against mine and taste her lipstick mixed with my own.
It didn’t feel like husband and wife, but more like two women in a tender embrace.
It was sensual.
It was erotic and it touched my soul in a way I have never before experienced.
It was not hot and passionate.

It was more like we connected heart to heart and soul to soul.
I wanted more at that time to pleasure her than to pleasure me.
It was then she reminded me about our first time with me as a woman and her as a man.
She said she wanted to make love like that again.

She also told me about how she had talked to Kim about our first time.
She said that Kim became excited and confessed that she always fantasized about making love like that.
She said she wanted to watch Kim fuck me while she watched.

I remembered the reaction by Kim when I was dressed in front of her before and a sudden rush of excitement filled my body. Katrinbelle www xxxn online live do.
I could hardly breathe I was so excited.
My wife asked if we could all go out clubbing and dancing together.

It donned on me then then that she wanted me to buy the evening gown for just such an occasion.
She then inquired about my single friend Jerry.
She said he was cute and had a great ass and she wondered if I could convince him to dress up and be her date for the evening.

I immediately liked the idea and I cannot deny her anything, so I told her I would talk to Jerry.
Let me tell you about Jerry.
Jerry is very outgoing and really fun to have at a party.
He is shorter and a little more slightly built than I am.
He also looks a little effeminate.

People often mistake him as being gay.
He has dark hair and is lightly tanned.
If he agreed I knew that he could become a beautiful woman.

We have been close friends since childhood and I knew I could trust him, no matter what he thought of my wife’s Kissboyq www muslim sex come. request.
The next day I called Jerry and we went out for coffee.

We chatted casually for a bit then I told him about some of the things my wife and I have been doing and about my dressing as a woman and going out with her.
I explained to him how exciting and what a turn on it was to go out as a woman.
I didn’t tell him Webcam chat nude. about being fucked by my wife.

If it happened I wanted it to be by being seduced by my wife.

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