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Hot foot worship.

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We spent most of the afternoon like this.
Occasionally I would lift her onto the rock and lick her pussy, often allowing my tongue to snake down to her ass and flick inside.
She too would take opportunities to lift me up onto a rock and wrap her lips around me, taking me deep into her throat.

She would softly slip a finger into my ass while her tongue worked on the length of my shaft.
It was pure ecstasy.
We keep our attentions light, prolonging the pleasure as long as possible.

On a few more occasions, things got heated as we drove each other to orgasm, then switching back to a slow relaxed pace.
Before we knew it, the day was drawing to a close.

We had Mature messy anal. spent Visnja karala new sxs wad vidos. the entire day naked at this private pool, but now we had to face the three hour drive back to Cairns.

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We reluctantly got out the water and dressed ourselves.
It was still wonderfully warm as we walked back to the car.
I took a turn to drive home, giving me an opportunity to touch Jess while we drove without the worry of her crashing as she shuddered in orgasm!

I found my fingertips straying more and more down to her perfect little ass, something my fiancé had never allowed.
Something about it drove me wild.
We got back fairly late and decided to part ways for the evening, both exhausted from the days activities.

But we still had a day or two in Cairns, so we made plans to meet up again the following day.
I gave her a passionate kiss goodnight and headed back to my own backpackers.
But that night had something else instore for me, but I will leave that for the next chapter.

My hands are shaking as I drive out to his trailer on the county line.
Breathing deeply, telling my inner Casey what a foolish thing Im doing, but not heeding my own advice.

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Hot foot worship.