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Aside from the playful smack outside, I had never spanked a woman, but the way she smiled and invited me to spank her, excited me.
Hmm, this is interesting.
She got up on her knees and wiggled her ass again.

Im such a bad, dirty girl, come on spank me hard.
I got on my knees behind her and looked down at her round ass wiggling and slapped her.
Oh, Im such a naughty girl
spank me

I didnt know what fantasy she was acting out, or where her desire to be spanked came from, but I spanked her ass harder, then harder and felt her ass jiggle with each slap.
Im not certain what came over me or what my spanking unleashed in her, but it made my cock hard and suddenly I wanted to ravish Looking for attractive and fit. her.

I pushed her hard onto her stomach and pounced on her and started grinding my throbbing hard cock against her jean covered ass.
I suddenly wanted to possess her, take her, drive her insane.

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I grabbed her hands and lifted her arms above her head, our fingers entwined then I hissed into her ear, Im going to fuck your brains out.
I heard her gasp and squirm under me and knew she was as hot as I was.

She lifted her self and Porn movies bbs young porn. pushed her ass against my hard cock forcing me to grind and hump her round ass harder.
I dont know what came over me, but I knew I wanted to dominate her and could feel her desire to have me do whatever I wanted.

With my hard cock pressed against the crack in her ass through her jeans, I took one of my hands from hers and reached under and cupped her pussy mound in my palm, gripping it, Your cunt is mine.
Yeah! Talk dirty to me.
Fuck your bad little girl.

She gasped and started thrusting herself against my hand.
With each movement, my cock pressed harder against her ass.
She was doing all she could to fuck my hand.
I couldnt stand it and wanted to take her and fuck her as hard as I could.

We were both getting hotter, hornier and desperate.
My hand gripped her pussy tighter while I humped her ass harder.
Own me! She lifted and turned to face me above her.
Take me!

Make me yours! No woman had ever said that to me, but her words were taking me someplace I had never been, but it felt right.

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