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Hermiston twosome still want a man.

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I moaned in eagerness, pushing myself towards his mouth.
He opened my pussy with his fingers and as his tongue touched me, I let out a quick shrill of excitement.
I had never been licked before, and I’d only had sex once, and that was with Derek, a night I’d regret for the rest of my life.

But this right here was amazing; I felt his tongue Henriete sex in chat video. sliding up and down my pussy, flicking my g-spot fiercely.
That feels so fucking good.
I moaned louder and gripped his hair in my fingers.

He slid two of his fingers inside me and fingered me slowly as he licked me, flicking his tongue faster and faster.
I felt my body tensing, my back arched and I let out an extremely loud moan as my orgasm took hold of my body.

My pussy tightened around his fingers and he licked the juices from me.
When he finished I was breathing hard and even hornier.
I want you.
I told him.
He smiled at me and kissed my lips, I tasted myself on his tongue.

He pulled down his trunks and his nine inch cock sprung out into the air.
At first it frightened me by how big he was, Derek’s was only seven inches in length, and that had hurt me. Bree olson lesbian clip pics gallery 2018.
I don’t know if I can take that, I said to him, biting my lip.

I’ll go slowly he says, rubbing his cock back and forth slowly.
You trust me? he says.
Yes, He kisses my neck and rubs the tip of his cock up and down my pussy.
I felt myself becoming wet again.
I kissed his lips and I pulled him on top of me on the counter.

He slowly pressed his cock inside me, the tip stretching my pussy.
I moaned against his lips as he worked more and more of his cock inside me.
Finally his entire cock was inside me, it felt so good, Fuck me, I told him.

He kisses me with his tongue and begins thrusting himself in and out of me.
Oh, Msnbc dating advice. my, gosh I moaned, his cock hurt me but felt good at the same time, I couldn’t believe what I had been missing, dating Derek when I had the perfect guy in front of me the whole time.

He went faster and faster, thrusting himself inside my pussy so hard that our hips slammed together, moving me backwards on the counter with every thrust.
Finally I felt my body tensing once more, and suddenly I erupted with a delicious orgasm, moaning at the top of my lungs, my body exploding in ecstasy as he rammed into me.

He grunted and pulled out of me quickly, cuming onto my stomach and chest.
I pull his lips to mine and passionately kiss him.
That was amazing I say to him, breathing hard against his lips.

My phone rang again; it was in my bag on the floor.
Kevin grabbed it and looked to see who it was.

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Hermiston twosome still want a man.