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Anything besides that? Have you ever done it? He said as he ran a finger between my ass cheeks.
I said as I pushed his hand away.
You might like it.
Or I might not.
I’d heard from a friend who had done it and her review was very negative.

She said she’d never felt anything so painful, so I was in no rush to do it myself.
I wanted to get to work quickly, but I thought I could make him come another way.
I returned to riding him, but couldn’t get him any closer.

After another minute or two, I stopped again.
Fuck me doggy style.
He answered by flipping me off of him and on to my hands and knees.
He set himself up behind me, but he didn’t push his cock into my pussy as I was expecting.
Instead he slid his cock between my ass check.

I’ll admit, the feeling made me squirm as the pleasure rushed through my body.
Against my better judgment, I didn’t stop him.
Instead a moan somehow escaped from my lips. 2016 new registered dating sites.
He Horny single mothers search. pushed me on to my stomach and pushed his head against my asshole.

How much could it hurt? The grin on my face disappeared as he forced his cock into my ass.
He didn’t even get more than the tip of his cock into my ass, but it hurt like nothing I had ever experienced before.

A sharp pain that ripped through me.
I tried to move away, but he held me in place as he tried again.
This time he pushed harder until his cock entered my tight asshole.
I felt my eyes starting to water and I closed them.
I should’ve demanded that he stop, but I didn’t.

I wanted to make him come one way or another, but it was more than that.
I wanted to experience it for myself and deep inside of me I think I liked Horny matures ma tien. it, not the feeling, but that I was now the kind of girl that let a guy penetrate her ass.
I could feel inch by inch as he penetrated me.

The pain grew as his cock filled me.
All I could feel was the pain.
It hurt like hell.
The pain didn’t fade away as he slowly pulled back either.
It was still there as he started to fuck my ass.
My tight, no longer virgin ass.

I couldn’t believe that a guy was inside of my ass, let alone Sean.
I had a feeling half of the school would eventually find out and I didn’t care.
I just wanted to make him come and quickly as possible.

His thrusts were hard and fast, which did little to reduce the pain.

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Having sex in mobakken.