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Good girl, he growled at me, but he kept his body still, allowing me to get accustomed to the incredible feeling of being stretched all the way.
It felt like he was filling up my body all the way.
It was both sensual and incredibly naughty.

I felt loved and owned.
I felt… bliss.
He started to move only slightly, but it was enough to make the flame in my loins surge again.
Fuck me! I spurred him on, and he complied willingly.
It was incredible. Automatic remote local control hf amateur.
I was flying.

His cock soon pistoned into my pussy with abandon, stretching me and releasing me in waves of pleasure.
My body shook with each of his thrusts and I gasped and moaned, unable to form coherent words.

My hands roamed over his strong chest, fascinated by the feeling of the muscles that played under his skin, and I even got daring and twirled his nipples, drawing whistling gasps from his lips.
I was almost delirious with lust, a feeling I never wanted to stop.

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I was sweating, grunting and moaning, my sex a bubbling, churning volcano of lust.
He bit down hard on the side of my neck, and the slight pain seemed to travel directly to that spot between my legs, triggering a chain reaction.
He pushed in hard and I felt his cock throb inside me.

My own pussy clenched in waves around his shaft.
A wave of pure pleasure exploded through my body.
I came hard, tumbling through a sea of lust and announcing my climax with a wail of pure joy.
His body slumped down, and we both fought to get back our breaths.

I kissed him, softly and tentatively at first, but growing hungrier when I found that I loved his taste.
My voice was scratchy.
That was brilliant.
His answering smile was hardly demon like, almost impish.
Just you wait for the next round.

Next round? I had barely managed to voice the words when I felt his cock stir to Sexiest teen milfs of beatrice. new life inside me.
Oh my! He grinned.
Yeah, next round.
And just think, we’ll have thousands of years ahead! My eyes widened.

Oh my! A drawn-out wail made me look to the side.
The Great Mother was on her back, and her thighs clenched around Ayla’s head while she writhed in the throes of her own passion.
I couldn’t help but think about my fellow sisters.

They were probably moaning my passing into the darkness right now and sending secret prayers to the Goddess to be spared the same fate.

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