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I got up, showered, dressed and left for my business.
I told Lauren I would not be home until late and she just smiled and said she would keep herself busy.

From the look she was giving me I suspected she might be up to no good, but figured if that was the case I would hear all about it later and that would lead to some great sex, so Sucking boobs by boys and girls. I left without any further questions.
I was only going to be gone for a day trip and the business was likely going to be done by the early afternoon.

But, I did not figure to get home early, as I meeting some old friends after completing work and these guys liked to party a little bit.
I knew that we would probably have a beer or two and end up at a strip club for some lap dances.
I never object to this, as I love a good strip club.

My wife had actually been a dancer at a club for awhile and that really turned me on.
Sure enough, after completing the work I had to do, my friends and I ended up hitting a few clubs. Asian seeks geelong for fun.
The dancers were excellent at the clubs we went to and the lap dances really got me going.

Soon, I was ultra-horny and couldn’t wait to get home and see if Lauren was up some more fun.
The drive home took about an hour and I was hard almost the whole time thinking about fucking my wife while telling her about the great dancers I had enjoyed.

When I got home I was surprised to find nobody there.
I knew Lauren might go out for dinner with some friends, but it was getting late.
I was so horny, though, I didn’t know if I could wait for her to get home from wherever she was.

I was about to take care of myself by jerking off when the phone rang.
I answered and could hear some loud music in the background.
Lauren was on the other end and said she was glad I was home.

She told me to come and meet her at a bar downtown.
She had run into some friends and they were having a good time and she wanted me to join them.
So much for jerking off.

It took me about 15 minutes to get downtown and find some parking.
When I got to the bar I looked around but could not find Lauren.
A guy who looked to be about 21 approached me (my wife and I are both in our late 30’s).

He asked Naughty webcam chat., Are you Michael? I told him I was.
He said that Lauren was outside and would be right back.

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Gianna michaels weight gain.