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They fit snugly, like slippers, and still looked nice, much nicer than trainers anyway.
With that I was just about ready; I picked up my coat and looked at myself one last time, my lips glistening pink, my blonde hair hanging down around neck, my small waist and my beautifully shaped legs, from my thighs down to the tops of my shoes.

I smiled at my reflection then turned to the door and confidently stepped out.
I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where mum was busy doing a bit of washing up.

She turned around and the look on her face was one of total surprise, no doubt she never realized her little girl could look so glamorous Hot hindi gay sex movieture after gay video..
Wow! she exclaimed, look at you; you’re going to attract a lot of attention dressed like that!

I must have been blushing because she quickly added, But you do look lovely honey, really you do.
Thanks mum, I replied.

I was a bit nervous but I never really let my hair down and I thought it might be fun to dress up a bit.

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We both smiled, only women can really appreciate the need to dress up every now and then.
Mum turned back to her washing up and I sat down on one of the chairs by the dining table.

To ensure my brother got an eyeful I turned the chair to face the kitchen door and sat slightly slouched so my legs stuck out further and crossed them.
Eventually the door opened and my brother strode in, he opened his mouth to speak but then he stopped in his tracks, like a cat caught in the headlights of a speeding car.

For what seemed like an age he stared at me, he stared at my legs Shaved pubic hair boys. mostly, I turned them slightly so a generous amount of thigh was showing.
As I was slightly slouched the hemline of my dress had crept up and now almost my entire lower body was bare for him to drink in.

Eventually he found his voice.
Wow Stacy, you look really se… I mean really nice.
I beamed at him, smiling widely and giggled, knowing he had almost referred to his older sister as sexy in front of our mother!

Are…are you ready to go? he asked.
If we get going now we might catch the 7.
15 bus into town.

He sounded anxious, like he couldn’t wait to be alone with me.
Yeah I’m ready, I said, standing up and arranging my dress again.
How long is it going to take on the bus?

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