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The passion and power of that wonderful fuck was all either of us could cope with just then.
We stood close together and I touched her face.
She smiled and held my dwindling erection for a second, gave it a quick squeeze.
No words.

I watched her red, rounded backside as she went to the door to her flat.
A hand started to Massive tits on webcam. caress one cheek as she started up the stairs.
How I wished that hand were mine.

I carefully, reverently, replaced the tawse and closed the cabinet.

I looked back from the door as I turned out the light.
Something wonderful had happened here tonight, and I was sure something even better was going to happen really soon.

I had a friend who was older than me, by quite a few years.
His name was Warren and he was an established photographer.

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He got me into photography by giving me my first real camera when I was sever teen, taught me how to frame subjects, how to measure light, how to make the best of what light there was, how to use lighting and strobes, and shadows, and the dark room.
He was into creative lighting and using fading and shadowing in the dark room.

He taught me what poses really were, and how to make the best of situation photography.
Under his guidance, I took my first semi-nudes, and nude studies, and later my first pornography.

He gave me an old Yashika Mat 124G he had used for several years, set up my first dark room, and supplied me with film and chemicals, and an occasional willing model.
He showed me my first porn — which included straight, lesbian and gay, and answered that age-old question of is it wrong for two buys to do that?

His answer was no, not all, as long as I was careful and discrete.
When I persisted about gay associations and sex — and it was some time after that time when I saw the porn — he broke out the photo album, put it on the table in front of us, and we sat there in his studio looking at them, and I got an obvious erection.

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Gay shower locker room gym clips.