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I want to cum on your hand so I can suck it clean.
With that, she plunged her finger into my hole as far as she could.
She didnt automatically pull it out, but moved it around as if she was searching for something.
As soon as she found it, I knew what she had been looking for.

She had found my clit and began feverishly flicking back and forth.
She soon inserted a second finger and was really making me scream.
She suddenly sucked my entire clit into her mouth and flicked and sucked it while still stimulating my g-spot.

Suddenly, I felt the need to pee, but I ignored it.

I knew I was getting close and then I felt alot of pressure.
I tried to warn Lee, but it was to late.
My orgasm hit and I was lost.

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My whole body began to shake and I could feel my cum squirting out of my pussy.
I screamed through it and stopped only when my body did.
Lee came up with her face and hair dripping wet.
She looked at me and smiled Spanking fetish wear..

I felt my Hanoi dating website. cheeks turn red and tried to cover my face with a pillow.
She stopped me and said Dont worry about it.
You told me you had been working on squirting.

I guess I was the first to make it happen.
I feel proud.
Well, I guess I have alot of cleaning up to do, dont I? I said as she layed down beside me.

She laughed and said Not just yet, I want to see how some of these toys feel.
Okay, but can I have a bit to get my energy back? That really does take it out of you, doesnt it, I asked as I looked at her.
Yes it does and yes you may.

With that, she laid her still wet head on my shoulder and began running her had along my stomache.
I moved my hand to her arm and began rubbing it as well.
I knew it wouldnt take me long to get ready for more as long as it was with this wonderful woman.

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