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Her pussy was really tight.
I forced my dick as deep as it would go.
Lacys moans increased in tempo and volume as I began pounding her from behind.
You want my fucking cock bitch?

I blurted out.
Oh fuck yes! Give it to me hard! She moaned.
Im gonna give it to you like the little slut that you are! By now I was forcefully pounding her pussy.

Her moans were echoing off the walls.
Im sure some of the other campers could hear her, but I didnt give a fuck.

An idea crossed my mind.

If she wants my dick so bad, then she better be willing to do anything for it.
I stuck my finger in her mouth and she instinctively began sucking on it.
I made sure it was nicely coated with her saliva before removing my finger And lick the. from her mouth.

I placed my finger at the entrance of her hole and began massaging.
What do you think youre doing? She asked as she tensed up.
You want my cock so Im gonna make sure you will never forget this experience. Home spank girlfriend pov.
Therefore, Im sticking it up your ass.

Oh god.
Was all she Hot blonde on webcam. could get out as her anal muscle gave way to my finger.
I inched my finger in her ass, lubing it with her saliva as it went in.
I slowed my thrusts so I could concentrate on her ass.

I could feel her muscles contract around my invading finger.
I could tell she didnt want my dick in her ass, but I didnt care.
Im giving my dick to her like I would any other whore that would want it.

I worked my finger until I was knuckle deep.
I began twisting my finger around her ass to make sure it was nice and lubed.
I removed my finger from her ass as I removed my dick from her pussy.

Using her pussy juices as extra lube, I aimed the head of my dick at the entrance of her tiny pink rosebud.
Lacy let out a moan as the head of my dick made its way past her clenching muscle.
You want me dick like a whore.
Well Im gonna give it to you like a whore.

I said as my dick inched further and further into her reluctant hole.
Oh fuck yesss! Give it all to me! Treat me like a fucking whore! Her ass was really tight around my dick.

Finally I was fully embedded in her ass.
I sat there for a minute to make sure I didnt blow my load to soon.
I slowly began my pace, thrusting in and out, in and out.

Lacys moans were my approval to really pick up the pace.

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Gay dating cape town.