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Garfield comic strip characters.

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Suddenly John got a big smile on his face as he leaned back on the bench, lifted his knees up in the air and grabbed his legs, presenting his ass right to Jacks face.
And then Abby got her second shock of the night.
Jack leaned in closer and stuck out his tongue.

He gently started licking Johns ass, slow tentative strokes up and down.
Abby couldnt believe what she was seeing! She had read about rimming in Ebony big tit milf strap prostitution sting. her romance novels, but to be honest she thought it was pure fiction.
Yet here was her neighbor on his knees in her garage, rimming her husband.

Abby was totally focused on Jacks tongue sliding up and down Johns ass.
She was in total shock, but she found herself wondering how that must feel for John.

She could feel the heat in her pussy, roaring at her with desire and anticipation.

Without thinking about it, she slid a hand down into her yoga pants and worked two fingers over her clit and into an astonishingly wet pussy. Maikasmall97 free cam sex onlin.
Her knees buckled a little, but she stayed focused on Jacks tongue.

After a few moments, she watched in amazement as Jack grabbed Johns hips and pulled him even closer, and then drove his tongue deep into Johns ass.
As he did this she slid one of her fingers, now wet with her own juices, down Milf big tits brunette tattoos xxx i will. to her ass and right into her rosebud.

As Jack worked his tongue in and out of Johns ass, Abby worked her finger in and out of her ass.
It was crazy, it was bizarre, and it was intense.

She felt the orgasm only a moment before it hit, and it struck just as Jack was pushing his tongue into Johns ass farther than she could imagine was possible.
Her knees buckled again, nearly causing her to stumble, and she bit her lip to keep from making noise.

Despite the spasms rocking her body, she noticed that Jack had pulled out of John and was taking a break.
She was afraid she was discovered, so she quickly closed the door and sprinted upstairs to the bedroom.

She dove under the covers and pretended to be asleep, but a few moments later, she knew that nobody was coming.
She had seen them, but they had not seen her.

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Garfield comic strip characters.