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If you want.
Yeah, I smile.
Id like that.

Let me text Kaci and tell her Im headed home and Joannes going to Jakes.
Ddlg hardcore. ME: Hey girl KACI: Hey 🙂 ME: Im headed home, got a ride KACI: Ok, Im headed to the office then.
ME: Again? KACI: I have some things to finish up ME: Ok, be safe
see you later?

KACI: Yep, later chick ME: Later Shes headed to the office, I tell Trey.
At this hour? Trey asks.

She does this all the time, I tell him.
I really am starting to wonder about her.
Where does she work? Trey asks.

Downtown, near Jacksons Market and Hodges Hardware, why? I ask.
Why dont we go see? He suggests.
See if shes really at work? I laugh.

Yeah, he cocks his head to side and does that cute half grin.
Why not? Japanese sexy comic girl. Okay, I laugh.

Lets go check up on her.
As we drive to Kacis office we talk about the people we have dated since we broke up and all the crazy stuff we have done since we last saw each other. Chubby angela sex.
It was so nice to be with Trey again, I had forgotten how easy he is to talk to.

Kacis car is parked outside on the curb next to her bosss jeep.
Whos jeep? Trey asks.
Thats her boss, I tell him.

Guess she is working late, he shrugs.
Guess so
I thought hard for a minute.
But why is her boss here? What kind of work does she do? Trey asks.
Shes a legal assistant, I tell him.
Maybe they have a case?

He suggests.
Maybe, I decide to investigate.
Im gonna text her.
ME: How late are you going to be? Im gonna cook dinner.
KACI: A few hours, I have to do some filing.

ME: Cant you do it in the morning? KACI: I wanna have it done so when John gets here in the morning he wont have to wait on me.
ME: Want me to come help you? KACI: No, its not that much.
I prefer working alone.
I get things done faster that way.
ME: I can bring you some dinner if you like.

KACI: Thats ok, I picked up something before I came here.
ME: I just hate the idea of you being alone in the office all night.
KACI: I prefer it that way, nice and quiet.

ME: Ok, well Ill let you get back to work.
KACI: Thx, later girl ME: 🙂 Working late all night alone huh?

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Gape fetish.