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I was distracted the rest of the class by this chick.
My dick grew harder with every look at her.
Even though she was a little on the chunky side, it was still a fucking turn on seeing her trying to seduce me in the middle of class.

My dick ached to be released from its confines and to be placed between her luscious lips.
Class finally let out.
I quickly gathered my things and bolted out the door, or so it seemed.
As soon as I crossed the threshold, I quickly hid next to the door.

Hey, I said as she emerged from the classroom.

Whoa hey there.
You scared the shit out of me.
My bad, I laughed, whats your name? Cindy.
Whats your? David, nice to meet you beautiful.
I said and gave her a wink.
She turned a quick shade of red and gave a cheesy smile.

Why thank you, handsome.
Im done for classes today.
You wanna hang out for a bit? I asked sheepishly.
Oh, um well, I have a class in 20 minutes.
After that Im free for the day. Madelyn12 free video sex chat lesbians.
Meet me out front of this building at 4:00 and Im yours for the rest of the day.
Cindy replied.

Sounds like a plan I said, giving her a wink then walked off.
We met up at 4 and went back to my place.
I got my wish and planted my dick between her lips.

Her tongue worked like magic as she glided her tongue over my hard shaft.
To my surprise she was able to take my entire dick in her mouth.
Feeling my the head stuffed in her throat was nothing Ive felt before.

I erupted stream after stream of cum down her throat.
Wow I should have recognized you.
Damn you look fucking sexy! What happened to you after our encounter that day?

You just kinda disappeared.
Well, I had to go home because of a family emergency.
I, unfortunately, had to drop out last semester.
I took the opportunity to better myself just in case I ran into that big cock of yours again.

She said while looking at the bulge that had developed in my pants.
You definitely did a great job.
Even Sex free meeting cedar rapids iowa. though you were still pretty before.
I didnt want to be pretty, I wanted to be sexy! Well you definitely pulled it off.

I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist, drawing her in for a passionate kiss.
She heard about the size of Davids cock and had to know for herself.
Oh how Id love to see that cock of his, Lacy thought to Sexy girls with tribal tattoos. herself as Cindy began caressing the obvious bulge in Davids pants.

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