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Want to hold hands.

Her tongue hung in his mouth teasingly and he found himself sucking it and trying to capture it again as she began to pull back, letting it flicker around his lips.
No pain, just pleasure, she whispered.
I promise.
She sat back up again as Aidans mind began to spin wildly.

What the fuck was he doing, he thought to himself.
He was still desperately struggling to absorb the inexplicable turn of events to find his rabid fan and stalker straddling his naked Zuni pueblo nude women. body in the middle of the night.

He knew he should have been planning his escape or talking her down from the potentially diabolical plans she had in store for him.
And yet… his cock betrayed his mind and it throbbed hard just against the curve of Lilahs ass as she settled back over him.

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She noticed it too and a wide smile played on her crimson lips.
Looks like youre already aching to fuck me, arent you? Yes, he breathed, and then shook his head.

I mean, NO! Flustered, he tried to collect his thoughts.
Look this is all
a little bit fucked up, dont you think?

I mean you break into my place and tie me up.
And the truth is, maybe I didnt tell you, but I do have a girlfriend and she lives with me, and… And? she interrupted.
Your dick doesnt seem that concerned about your girlfriend right now, Aidan Black.

He sighed and rolled his eyes.
What do you expect? Youre fucking naked and sitting on top of me.
Its an involuntary reaction.

She laughed.
Involuntary? She moved a little lower on his body until his cock was between them, gripped by her luscious, thick pink pussy lips.

Her hips began to rhythmically grind back and forth against his.
He could feel the hot wetness of her cunt pulsing against his shaft.
He exhaled a moan, as she seemed to Totally no membership no registrations and credit card live webcam online sex chats. delight in slowly torturing him.

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