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The girls spent a couple of coffees discussing life, but the sexual tension was almost visible.
So much so that Mia was sure even the waitress, after a few smiles, had picked up on it! A few brushes of the leg, flutter of the lashes and twirl of the curls made the place between Mias thighs pulse.

As they stood at the entrance to the cafe Natalie gave Mia a final French farewell and a soft touch of the hands before the pair departed.
That evening not even Matts tenderness could remove the La baule. pulsing feeling of Natalies presence.
The next meeting was soon arranged.

Mia still had no idea of Natalies intentions, but there had been no mention of a boyfriend, or a girlfriend for that matter, World record bukkake. so a little curiosity couldnt harm.
The film started and everyone hushed, but up in the back row Mia had other images running before her eyes, she just had to find the courage.

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She glanced around to Natalie, who to her surprise was gazing her deep brown eyes right back at her.
The gaze was broken in an instant.
Even with just her presence, Mia could feel the pulsing growing between her long bare legs.

As the lights illuminated the seats again Mia felt a soft hand rest on her knee.
Shall we go for a drink? That would be lovely, Matts picking me up so name a place and Ill get him to meet us towards the end!

Oh yes Id love to meet your man! Hows about the pub around the corner, its a little dark inside but- Sounds perfect! Natalie gushed possibly a little too enthusiastically.

Sipping a white wine spritzer each they giggled about the film but Mia could still feel the pulse waiting expectantly, almost encouraging her! Giggling doesnt that remind you of that girl at school hehehehe Wow school, those days seem long gone.

But I guess we had fun A sexy gaze from Natalie and a smooth brush with their legs was all that Mia needed to feel that tingling electric, which seemed to pass through them both and Mia finally plucked up the courage to place a well manicured hand on Natalies knee.
Yes we did have fun
You look amazing tonight by the way So do you Mia.

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