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With the phone call out of the way, we returned to the safety of the site and continued our email correspondence as we started the long and drawn out process of arranging a mutual time when we could all meet.
In the perfect world, a date would be suggested all would be free, the meet would happen and great sex would ensue.

In reality what tends to happen is dates are suggested and rejected due to family visits, work, mother nature and Grimmley and erotic art. all manner of other reasons until all parties believe that the meeting is never going to happen and lose heart.
In this case, after three or four suggestions we finally found a free Saturday evening and as we were roughly an hours drive from one another a pub midway between us was chosen as the place to meet and have a few drinks, nothing more.

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As this was going to be our first meet we were nervous as hell come Saturday evening, Alexis chose a sexy dress stopping just above her knees and a nice pair of heels which made her look incredibly sexy.
We set off in the late Linksys validating. evening sun to drive the 30 40 mins to the pub, not ten minutes later we ground to a halt due to roadworks and an accident.

Police were diverting traffic off the dual carriageway onto the side roads so predictably we very, very slowly continued our journey toward our meet.

Concerned that the other couple might think we were not coming we desperately tried to find their phone number and Alexis rang ahead to warn them that we were going to be very late.

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