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She was the consummate whore knowing exactly what men liked.
Ginger was almost thirty and despite being in the business for several years, she was still able to enjoy her customers with frequent orgasms.
Most prostitutes had to fake it.
Ginger didnt.
She also knew what men liked to hear.

She pleaded him to fuck her harder.
Ginger purred how big and manly he was, and that his cock made her insides tingle.
She said dirty words and moaned and urged him to spill his balls inside her.

Cliff had been plugging her for a only a short time by his standards, maybe a quarter of an hour, when he released a blast of hot Porno woman big booty blacks. sticky fluid into Gingers cum hole. Dick love sex she.
Like always he waited until every last drop had been squeezed out of his pecker before pulling out English sexchat free..

It took him another twenty minutes to recover before leaving.
With a sly grin, she said, You know, Cliff, quickies are on sale tonight for a sawbuck.
You can leave the tenner with Madame Molly.

I trust her, but tips are still in season.
Of course, doll.
Youre still the best, and handed her a fin.

Cliff stopped for a drink with Molly before he prowled the neighborhoods asking people on Oak Street if they had seen a homeless teenager.
No one had seen her, but sometimes serendipity works better than careful detective work.
She found him.

Cliff had stopped for a beer in the back room at the Flower Shop on the corner of Oak and Dearborn.
He was trying to clear his mind and think of where Trudy might be hidin out.

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