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From inside her ass, I could feel him tense as he shot spurt after spurt into my wife.
She was now just too damn tight on my cock, so I yanked myself out and stroked quickly, feeling the familiar pangs of my orgasm approaching.

I remember roaring, calling out, as my first shot of cum went straight up her asshole before it snapped shut.
I jerked the rest of my load between her cheeks and all over Johns cock as he slowed down his thrusts and finally came to a stop.

His cock and balls were soaked with a mixture of Paulas juices and my cum.
My head was spinning and my knees wobbled.
I was Sexy flirt ivad. breathless as I flopped down on the bed next to John.
It took Paula Coed lesbian adult films. a moment to summon her strength and dismount, settling between John and I on top of the covers.

We stayed like that for a while, our limbs tangled together and our hands exploring each other as we regained our composure. Dry irritated penis.
Eventually, we all made our way to the bathroom.
We enjoyed washing each other with a pair of warm washcloths as we reflected on our evening.

There were a lot of laughs and smiles as we recounted the highlights of the night.
We helped each other dress, and settled into our usual small talk.
We had all skipped supper, choosing to fulfill our other bodily needs first and foremost.

We chatted about nearby restaurants and coffee shops, trying to form a plan for whatever was left of our evening.
At one point, Paula was face down on top of the covers, propping herself up on her elbows to check messages on her cellphone.
John and I sat at the end of the bed making small talk.

To tease him, I kept hiking up the hem of Paulas skirt, exposing more and more of her bare bottom.
We are going to have to go and eat, or else my cock is going to want to fuck again, said John.

It was almost midnight now, and all three of us were dressed and ready to head out in search of food and drink.
I thought we would all make our way to a sandwich shop down the street, place our orders, visit, and then head home.
Paula, I guess, had other plans.

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