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That was fucking awesome! she declared.
For a white dude, you aren’t half bad.
White dude? Half bad? What the heck did that mean? She looked over at me and proffered a pronounced wink.
I’m just kidding, she quickly said, appending her comment.
You’re fucking better than any bro.

I hadn’t even considered her ethnicity in pursing her.
She was erotically sensual and a very good fuck.
Look, I said, I know I’m not as well endowed as some guys, but that hurt a little.
She turned and faced me.

She bit down on her lower lip and smiled.

Dude,’ she said, Get over yourself.
You’ve gone black and you ain’t going back.
Suddenly, she launched herself on to me, planting kisses all over me.
I assured her I was a one bell ring guy and that it would take a Herculean effort to get me hard again.

She looked at me and smiled.
Shut the fuck up, she instructed, I’m not done yet.
She was right.
Once you go black, you don’t go back.
I still can’t believe the effects of that gel! It took over two more hours for us to drain its potency! Drained us also.

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Sadie and I washed up, dressed and were out the door by ten-thirty.
We kissed and hugged close and agreed to meet again, on Friday evening after I returned from the Pensacola market swing.
We both needed the rest.

I laid out at the beach Friday afternoon and soaked up the rays for a couple of hours checking out the girls showing off their bods.
Saw several cuties that I would enjoy introducing to my product line but didn’t really have the energy.

That sun felt Joi let you cum. good, but I needed to get back to Mobile and check out the other three items in my shipment Skype sex cam online now. from the main office.
Upon checking in to the hotel I found I had two messages, one from Sadie canceling our get together as she was exposed to flu at work and hated to put me at risk.

Nice of her, all things considered.
The other was from the courier lady, Karen, who said she was finishing up a delivery in Biloxi, Ms.
and would happily buy my dinner if I had a clear schedule.

I really liked the grin on her face when she delivered my package the other day, she obviously knew about my product line.
The message was a half-hour ago.
When she delivered my sample box the other day I was impressed with her dark hair and eyes.

Karen exuded a sexuality that struck me as raw and ready to be unleashed.
Medium height, her legs looked smooth and firm with a cute round ass begging to be pulled against me.
Dressed in her courier outfit, she still easily gave off an, ‘I’m ready for anything you have to offer Jack!’ presence.

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