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asked Jo.
Come to think of it, some of our canes are looking a bit the worse for wear already, a bit brittle and some splitting, she added.
Are you keeping them moist? asked Karen.
Well no, said Jo.

Should we? Well, you must, Karen said.
You see if you do, they will stay flexible for much longer and wont split as quickly.
I suggest you get something like antiseptic wipes, to wipe them off after each time, and a sterile solution to keep them in overnight.

Oh I see, said Jo.

How do you know all this? she added.
I know from watching and learning from porn channels, said Karen.

Really, said Lucy horrified.
You are just like your sister, you say whatever is on your mind, never mind if other people want to hear it.
I mean, watching porn channels is one thing, many people do, but learning from those disgusting things and then admitting it, is quite another.

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Jo, by now, was laughing out loud.
Oh, there goes Lucy, she laughed, showing her prudish side!!! So, the girls went shopping.
Lucy went with Karen as she had a lot Razoad sexy tamil girls online webcam. to carry.

They came back with a computer, a small printer, and various bits of stationery.
Also, they had changed the advert and made sure it went in again for five weeks.
Karen had a lot of good ideas for making the business better.
Once Karen had set up, she handed Lucy a printout.

This is your first customer, a Ms Davenport, said Karen.
She has been sent here by her Matron for bullying a junior nurse.
While she is thirty, the junior nurse has just started, he is only eighteen and one of the few male nurses.

The Matron has suggested five strokes of the cane, but we are welcome to use our discretion.
The Matron has stressed that Ms Davenport must be taught a lesson.
Right, said Lucy.
Very interesting.
Ms Davenport is due here in fifteen minutes, so I suggest we go and Uncensored sex bot chat. get changed.

Ms Davenport arrived and Karen took her through all the formalities and what would happen.
She told her to get herself undressed in the bathroom.
She told her that only two people would be in the punishment room, Matron Armstrong and Sister Little.

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