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When he unloaded my head was completely covered with cum.
Next, he flopped onto the bed alongside me, laughing mischievously.
I felt like I had been ravished by a mythological imp.
Later, Mature milfs fuck giant cocks 4 cash. as I reversed my body position I finally get a look at his cock, before licking it clean.

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Kurt had a forest of hair around his genitals.
Although his dick wasnt as large as some of the other guys in the village, it was, nevertheless, very impressive.
The shaft of his dick was thinner than his mushroom knob-head, which was covered by a dark non-retractable foreskin.

His tight foreskin overhang extended an inch beyond his glans and was almost black in colour.

His huge balls were like none other than I had ever seen. Lesbian mud wrestling pictures.
They looked like a massive solid growth protruding from his body and were even darker than his knob.

I tried to insert my finger into his foreskin overhang, but it was just too tight.
As I licked his dick clean, I felt Kurt pull my body on top of his body before swallowing my entire cock into his hot mouth.

With my crotch being caressed by facial fur, I excitedly announced I was about to cum after a very short time.
Kurt then raised my backside slightly and with his tongue lolling around my knob-head, I shot the biggest load of my life.

With his dick now once again fully erect after my cleaning, he pushed me off him and turned me onto my stomach.
In a flash, he was on my back spearing his knob vigorously into my butt-hole.
It hurt like hell and as I yelped, he bit on my ear and chuckled.

Varying his pace, he drilled my arse for twenty minutes before spraying the inside of my manhole with more of his lumpy cum.
Astonishingly, Kurts cock remained hard as he again began kissing my neck.

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