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She became even wetter as the result of the spanking.
Do you like to be spanked, bitch? I asked voice husky from pleasure.
Oh yes!

Fuck me and punish me! Ive been soooo bad, she cried out.
Fuck, I said as I grabbed her body and slammed deeper into her.

She screamed her orgasm and I slowed my thrust to help her come down.
I took my cock out of her pussy and it was glistening with her juices.
I stuck my finger into her hole and when I took it out my fingers were also glistening with her juices.

I smiled and used her juices to rub her little ass hole.
She tensed when she felt me rubbing it with her juices and tried to get away. Emylyhorny best gay cam.
Tsk tsk.
Didnt you tell me to punish you? Stay the fuck still, I told her sternly and continued to lubricate her little ass hole with her juices.

Not there, she said, panic in her voice.
I stopped and leaned over her back to get my face next to hers.
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I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back making her shriek in pain.
Trust me, youll like it, I said and then bit her neck.

I stuck my cock back into her pussy and I pumped a few times as she moaned.
Let me fuck your ass, whore, I said to her as I continued to fuck her pussy.
No, she replied but continued to moan.

I stopped moving and she turned to look at me in disappointment.
I only smiled because I knew she would agree soon.
Fine, she huffed out.

Do whatever you please, just Asian ladyboy wise. stop, stopping! she cried out as started to fuck her pussy again.

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