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Joan used the proximity, and intoxicating scent of her desired lover, the near contact of Beverlys lips Monster curves shemale tube. against her sex, and the touch of Bevs hot wet pussy to send herself into a forth wave of pleasure.
Beverly froze with the two pronged contact that sent an instant flush to her neck and hot blood to erect her soft pink nipples.

No woman had every touched her pussy lips, nor had she every explored another womans sex.
From the immediate and demanding pressure of Joans palm, inching down upon her clit, she knew she was just seconds away from being penetration by Joans searching thin fingers, tipped by those long red nails.

Bevs natural instinct was to turn away from this unplanned invasion of her sexual space.
However, Bev noticed a small movement, coming from the direction of the partially closed closet door. Old threesome pictures.
The face, like her bedroom mirror reflection, took in and rebuffed her shock and her obvious reluctance.

A powerful force had weighed her discomfort, against her swelling nipples, and silently commanded the unintended opening of her legs, providing the lustful Joan much easier access.
Bev accepted her fate and the silent, but clear, command.

With one hand she reached up and fingered the tiny gold choker that earlier had been placed around her throat.
With the other she gently inserted her fingers slightly into Joans undulating pussy.

The touch of slick juices and hot flesh sent a shiver down her arm, across her nipples and right to the swollen hood releasing her clit.
Releasing her thin gold choker she accepted her fate and reached around to grab a handful of short red hair, urging a willing Joan to move down between her legs Adult female bear costume for sale..
Joan, who bucked her ass to keep Bevs fingers rubbing against her sex, was in complete view of Jim, still fisting his swollen shaft on the bed on the other side of Beverly.

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