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Then we got down to why we were here and not at my condo.
Is this okay with you? she asked.
I thought she meant being in the restaurant and not in my bed.
Yes, I answered, with a nod of the head and a look around the bar area.

She sensed that I had not understood her question.
I meant are you okay with us getting back together like this? Absolutely.
I said, emphasizing my approval.
I missed you.

Did you miss me or the sex? Orgasm clilps tgp. Both, I answered, wanting to be truthful.
Sarah laughed a little, and acknowledged that she had often thought of me and our sexual escapades while in Europe, and missed those times.
I guess I need to know what were doing now, she said.

Are you okay with my coming back into your life? she added, not waiting for my response.
Lets put the sex aside for a minute, I suggested.
I dont want to dismiss the sex question, because its important; but lets just talk about where Im at.

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Sarah said nothing, sipping her drink, and waiting for me to go on.
Im not seeing anyone.
I havent seen anyone for a couple of years.

When we lived together, the sex was great.
But you and I know that the relationship changed near the end, before you left.
There was more to our relationship at that time than just the sex.
I thought we really liked each other.

was Sarahs only response, as she looked down at her drink and actually seemed to blush a little.
After you graduated, I wanted us to spend time together to see if our relationship was going to grow into something more.
Maybe that wasnt possible given your work opportunities.

Maybe the age difference would prove to be too much.
I let the thought just trail off, not wanting to add any more negatives to my confession.
Sarah just stared Amateur fat gils. at her drink and said nothing.

I froze for a second, thinking that maybe Sarah just wanted to be friends and I had said too much, gone too far.
To say the least there was a long, awkward moment of silence.
I like you, Michael.

I thought of you many times when I was overseas.
There was a pause as the waitress approached to see if we wanted another drink.

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