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Jayne rewarded her with the tiniest of orgasms, small yet powerful.
Carol could feel her muscles contracting in the tell-tale sign of a climax.
Jayne was wet, oh so very wet, and Carol used her fingers to spread her lips apart, allowing her entrance to her very soul.

Carol traced her fingers along Jaynes pussy, slipping one, then two fingers inside her.
Jayne responded by spreading her legs wide for her.
She lowered her head and began to make love to her in earnest.

Jayne had never been so stimulated by another woman.
The girls at the spa were very good, but they were essentially working at it.

Carol was showering her with love and she grew wetter by the second.

As she spread her legs, Carol dipped her head and started licking and sucking her with a sense Bite each others bikini bottom. of urgency, sucking on her lips, inserting her fingers and finally swirling her tongue around her now-hard clitoris. Mature black masturbate cock slowly.
The sensations Carol was giving her were almost too much for her to take, and she moaned loudly now, letting this other woman know that she loved what she was doing to her.

Carol reached under Jaynes bottom and began to caress her asshole, making Jayne squirm with delight.
As she began to insert a finger into her ass, she noticed that she was very wet, unusually wet, but not the kind of wetness she would normally find.

She removed her finger and found that it was coated with cum.
It must be Zachs fluid, she decided.
He had fucked her in the ass and left behind a present.

Carol decided that she would be the recipient of this present and decided to eat Jaynes Horney women wellington. ass.
As Carol used her hands to push Jaynes legs back toward her chest and continued to eat her pussy, Jayne was thrusting her hips upward to meet her ravenous mouth.

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Free chat online for iphone.