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It was… intense, she replied, slowly recovering her bearings.
Time to go home, Sandy said.
She still couldn’t make out if Sandy was male Dick into cunt photos. or female.
Then she realised just how sticky and dirty her body was.

Well, she had been a very dirty girl.
‘No better than a slut.
‘ Is there anywhere to clean up? she asked.
Both Amy and Sandy looked amused.

Sandy poked a thumb in the direction of an alcove.
Toilet’s over there.
The toilet was distasteful, the kind of place that left you feeling dirtier when you emerged than you’d felt when you entered, at least to Prudence’s mind.

She’d just have to take a long shower at home instead.
Looking in the mirror she could see she looked a little the worse for wear, but the glaze on her skin might pass for a sheen of perspiration, rather than what she knew it to be.

Her bra was still half way down her body, Women being milked bdsm. and she pulled it into place, as impregnated with sperm as it was.
Back in the large room, Amy was holding her dress.
Miraculously the garment had escaped unscathed, and when Prudence had pulled it on, she looked almost presentable. Web cam sex tubes.
My undies, she said.

Where are my undies? Amy just shrugged.
Beats me, she said.

Maybe someone kept them as a souvenir, Sandy suggested.
Somehow the thought of that gave Prudence a twinge of excitement.
She surveyed the room one last time before leaving, wondering who was responsible for cleaning up.

In the makeshift cloakroom Sandy handed over her coat and bag with a, Hope to see you again soon.
I’m sure you will, Prudence said automatically, out of politeness, before realising that she did actually mean it.
Or perhaps she was still a bit buzzed.

Taxi? she said to Amy once the two were outside.
My treat.
Thanks! Amy said, then, as Prudence got out her mobile to make the call.
You looked like you had a good time.
In the cold air of the pre-dawn, Prudence was only too well aware of what she should say, but the truth was there too.

The best, she said.
Thank you, Amy.
It was just about five in the morning when she finally stumbled into her own house, only to be confronted by her daughter.
Mum, where have you been? Chrissie cried.
I’ve been worried sick.

What’s happened to you? You look a mess! So much for secrecy.
Prudence wanted to make up some excuse, but still slightly drunk from the night’s adventures, what came out was, Sorry, dear.
I’ve been to an orgy.
That’s all.

Chrissie looked stunned.
Mum! she cried.
That’s not funny! Sorry, dear, Prudence said.

Then, because she was all shagged out and couldn’t deal with this now.

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