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At the same time she began to move her hips in the small circles she had observed on the videos Jim had shared with her during her online seduction.
I want you to cum James! pleaded Beverly as she increased her tempo.

I want You to cum! replied James as he pressed down on the small of her back forcing more pressure from his cockhead hitting top of her tunnel, and adding additional stimulation from the root pressing against her clit.
Her long delayed climax sneaked up on her and caught Bev unprepared.

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Cumming, oh fuck me, Im Cumming! screamed Beverly as she twisted and turned, impaled upon his thick throbbing cock, her legs shaking like she was possessed.

All this new stimulation was sending fireworks to her brain.

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Feel This, My Bitch! cried James as he too turned lose his throbbing cock, tearing her apart further while his spurting cum bathed her pain with hot joy.
Holding her so she could neither fall, nor escape his intrusion, James lifted then slammed her down upon his thick, slick shaft, now covered in his cream shaft, like a doll.

Beverly, now deep in the throes her climax, threw her arms wide knowing she could neither fall, nor escape, till his cock was done with her.
Using the suction he had created inside her, by filling her pussy so completely, James, for all intent and purposes, was using her body to pump his balls dry.

Spurt after spurt flooding up in side her as she tried to twist his cock off his body, so she could retain it forever more as a part of her.
As their mutual climax subsided, James knelt on the Sexy naked girls moving gifs. bed laying on his side and tenderly cradling her in his arms.

His desire for her was only slightly sated.
His softening cock, still fully inside her, allowed some of his massive seed to escape and her buttock became coated with their juices.

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