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He cheated on me, came a solemn reply.
Placing his finger to her painted full lips, it stopped her speaking, Shhh.
For a moment, she looked vulnerable, in that moment, Jack knew that he would not be a marriage wrecker.

Remembering how Shelly did this to him, this was Adelinas decision and one he was happy to play his part in. Her first anal tube.
She took his finger and slid it into her mouth, Jack remaining objections melted as she seductively and slowly sucked on his finger.

Moving closer to him, her hand found his cock and slowly squeezed Jacks stiffening meat.
As she took a step back, she looked down to his crotch at what she was holding.

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Withdrawing his finger, Adelina looked into his eyes and as she knelt, she was still staring into his eyes as her painted mouth took his stiffening cock.
Her mouth took him without a moments pause and seeing her beautiful face with his cock sliding into her warm velvety mouth made Jack gasp.

Shit!! exhaled Jack as he felt her tongue circling the head of his cock.
Adelina engulfed as much of Jacks cock as her mouth would allow, she enjoyed how quickly he stiffened and how quickly he swelled.
Sliding her mouth from his cock; she felt the weight of his meat in her slight hand.

It was precisely want she wanted in a man right now, an athletic young piece of meat.
Jack appealed to her vanity, the kind of man that she could have had anytime she wanted ten years ago.

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