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She came almost immediately her body moving in mini convulsions as the orgasm took over.
She moaned and pushed her pussy harder against my tongue and face.
Oh, God, Jack.

You are so good, she whispered through another orgasm.
Suddenly she pulled away from me, and rolled me onto my back and then straddled me in a 69, taking my cock into her mouth while offering me up her pussy for more.

Her warm mouth slid up and down my cock which she held firmly but gently in her hand as she sucked and licked and did all kinds of wonderful things to my cock with her mouth and tongue, while enjoying my continued eating of her pussy.
I need some more of your cock, she said coming up for air, and she turned and raised herself above me, and placed my cock in her pussy.

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I reached between her Vandadoll free webb chat girls. legs and with my thumb and rubbed on her clit and she rose and descended in slow motion on my cock.
With my other hand I rubbed on her nipples, and massaged her breasts.
Her pussy had all the right moves as she moved her hips, fucking my cock like it had never been fucked.

I was about to cum but I didnt want to, so I rolled her off of me, turned her over and pushed my cock into her pussy from behind.
God, Jack you feel amazing Naked big boobs slut..
Please fuck me hard.
I held on to her hips and pummeled her pussy.

Yes, Jack.
Dont stop.
Her ass felt good as I pounded her, my cock delving deep into her tight pussy.
She came in a series of small orgasms.

Come with me, I told her.
Yes, Jack, yesssss.
And we both came in a mind blowing climax, both of us moaning from the intensity.

We collapsed onto the bed in a pile.
She reached for me and held on to me tight, still pushing her pussy up against my softening cock.
She kept her promise and kept me up the rest of the night.

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