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Staring at Beverlys exposed breasts Joan avoided eye contact and continued to ignite her sex, first with gently pulls upon her clit and then with continued thrust of her long thin fingers deep into her own sex.
As the second wave of her climaxed consumed her Joan repeated her shouts of That was me Beverly, Me

I was Fucking You! Jimmy, Joans husband, was completely enthralled by the lustful display of his cold, pale, stern redhead wife, and how she Swing threesome uk. contrasted with the warm beauty of the raven haired Beverly.

His real turn on was watching the unmoving Beverly, now curled on her side exposing her wet slit.
He felt the desire again build in him as her transfixed eyes locked on Joans glistening fingers rapidly gliding in and out of her hot, very tight, and dripping wet pussy.

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Beverlys full lips, recently wrapped tight around his cock head, where pursed open as she stared at Joan enthralled in her second climax.
Savoring the recent memory of his cock head just penetrating Beverlys long unused pussy, he felt the trickle of pre-cum seeping from his peephole.

He laid there, drinking in the scent of their combined sex, while feeling the rocking of the bed from Joans ministrations.
He continued his slow masturbation of the base of his thick cock.

He cock twitched while thinking of the reaction his wife will soon have when her lips finally come into contact with Bevs sweet pussy juices, spiced by his dry cum.
Jimmy thought of fulfilling his number one fantasy, one woman snug upon his thick cock while another licked his nut sack and his ass.

A flashing thought Could tonight be the night? sent an involuntary spasm to his swelling cock.
From the corner of her eye this renewed erection was not missed by Beverly.

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