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Aidans eyes opened wide.
Looming above him was a stranger.
He swallowed hard, trying to move and realizing that his wrists were tied together and above his head, loosely attached to the headboard.

His ankles were loosely tied too, just enough to restrain any sudden movements, but nothing that felt overtly menacing.
Who the fuck are you? he breathed, his eyes now trained on the girl straddling his naked body.
Who do you think I am? she teased with a smile.

His eyes moved over the long voluminous strands of dark hair that flowed medusa-like over her shoulders.
Her skin was pale like moonlight and contrasted sharply with her large pillowy red lips and dark eyes rimmed with thick lashes that fluttered teasingly.

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His gaze moved lower, following the graceful arch of her neck and gliding over the curves of her body.
Her breasts were firm and high, topped by perfect pale pink nipples.
She wore a tightly cinched black latex corset around her tiny waist that gleamed in the moonlight.

Glancing lower, he could see the beginnings of a smooth hairless snatch.
Aidan felt the distinct hot wetness of her pussy as it nestled against his pelvis and the smooth second skin of the You know we both want the same thing. black latex leggings that rode up on her thighs that were on either side of him, clutching him like talons.

He noticed the long ivy vine tattoo that slithered up one side of her torso and over her shoulder, ending along her neck that seemed to give her a darker kind of sex appeal.
Aidan Young russian threesome. shook his head, trying to clear it.

She appeared like a raven-haired succubus straddling his body and he questioned whether he was still caught in a dream.
Lilah? he whispered, as though intuitively knowing this was no dream or coincidence.

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Emilylovexxx malyalam big woman pron videos.