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His left leg swings up and over my thighs, trapping them tightly against him.
he calmly but carefully spells out, there will be twenty spanks to your ass, ten to your tits, and five to your cunt.

Ive read enough Seeking erotic play fontana. erotica to know that before he spanks me in earnest, that I can anticipate some warm up ones first.
Im caught off guard then, when the first smack crashes down on to my left cheek causing me to scream shit! and grab my comforter to keep from reaching backwards.

With the same intensity the next spank comes down on my right cheek.
Despite being prepared I still grunt as my nails dig in to the silk of my bedding.
I cant believe how hard hes hitting me! Its as if hes not holding back at all. Fuck grandma clips.

Again, the spanks keep coming.

The next three come quickly in succession, all to my right cheek, then the same to my left.
After those he begins to rub and knead the flesh again.
A burning sting radiates from the surface of my ass cheeks, and I know they must be a decent shade of pink already.

His already hard cock shifts and twitches under the confines of his jeans.
I feel his hands lift from my ass cheeks once again; the anticipation of his next spanks causing me to quietly whimper.

His left hand comes down again, just as hard as before; this time to the apex of my thighs, just above my exposed pussy.
Ive found that spot with my own paddle before; its a sweet spot that causes my pussy to overflow with juices that are now leaking on to his jeans.

Two or three more there before he begins to alternate between each cheek, harder than before.
Tears well in my eyes as I feel his strength and the power he has over me.
The smacks keep raining down until Ive lost Amateur milf handjob cum on blouse. count.

I want to take this for him; I just dont know how longer that I can.

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