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Her hips churned as if on ball bearings.
She and the redhead were both caressing each others breasts, occasionally leaning in to take one of the others nipples into their mouths.
You ever do that? Audrey asked looking away from the screen momentarily.
I grinned at her.

Never had the chance, I said, starting to breath heavily again.
The redhead and the blonde now had their hands fastened to each others breasts as they shared a deep French kiss.
They were panting and moaning and thrashing about wildly.

Audrey was getting very close again Fetish domina., and I pulled the elastic of her panties aside so I could slip a finger into her slippery opening and tweak her clit with my thumb. Radiometric hookup the age of the earth porn fuckbook 2018.

She jumped and twitched when I did this, and stroked my shaft faster.

I couldnt hold back any more and shot whatever little bit of sperm might have been left in me into the g-string.
I could feel Audrey was close, and managed to make her come just as the sweaty threesome on the screen erupted into moans and groans of delight.

Audrey bucked and gasped as she came and then just collapsed against me, breathing heavily.
We were both so spent that we just shut the TV off and lay there for a bit.
Audrey and I just sat there smiling at each other.

Audrey took a Busty lesbian orgy. sip from her glass of champagne.
Can we go sailing tomorrow? She asked.
I woke up the next morning to another beautiful sunrise.

I got up, showered and dressed, and made myself a pot of coffee and a couple of pieces of toast.

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Ejaculation puissante.