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When I was done, I rolled off her and onto my back.
She moved to my side and hugged me close to her as we both came down from our orgasm.
When my breathing slowed, I attempted to get up and leave.

No, dont leave, please, she begged me holding me down with her body pressed up against me.
Damn, she was sexy.
Stay with me for the day.
Fuck me all you want, do whatever you want with me.

Just stay.

Just for one day, she said as her hands reached down and stroked my cock.
I left her place when it was nearly 5 in the morning.

She had begged me to stay with her again, but I had enough fun for now as it is. Girl squirt porn pic.
We fucked all day, Srbija chat rooms free. and only left the bed when we were hungry or needed to use the Deepthroat brunette. restroom.
We also talked.

Talked about life and when I got tired of talking, I fucked her hard until we both collapsed on the bed with exhaustion.
That was her name.
Well, it didnt matter anyway I wasnt planning to see that chick again.
She was fun, but thats all it was.

I knew she wanted more, she didnt say it, but I could tell by the way she would hold onto me and the way she talked to me.
She acted as if I belonged to her.
I shook my head and opened the door to the apartment I shared with a friend.

I looked at my phone for the first time that whole day and I found myself hoping to see a text from Jenny.
But with all the hoping I did, nothing ever came.
I tossed my phone onto my bed, frustrated that ever since I first talked to Jenny, she has taken up most of my brain making me think of her twenty-four seven.

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