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Get changed? said John.
Yes, said Karen.
Behind the bathroom door, you will find a robe, like a hospital robe.
Take all your clothes off and put that on.

Oh, okay, said John, who had not been expecting that at all.
John was shown into the caning room.
I see you have been cheating on your partner, said Lucy.
Is that correct? Yea, replied John.

YES, WHO? shouted Lucy.
When you address a senior officer you will stand to attention, address them by rank and with respect.
Any more insubordination from you, Private, and I will be adding to the number of strokes of the cane you receive.

Is that understood? I understand, Sergeant, and yes it is true that I have Lipstick lesb 2007 jelsoft enterprises ltd. been cheating on my partner.
Wow, thought John, these girls role-play well.
When it comes to the caning though, I will be thinking to myself, has the cane come down or not. Pawg clapping ass.

I have here that you have been cheating on your partner She has caught you on three occasions, having sexual intercourse with three different women.
The poor woman has taken Bodybuilt4siy japan web chat online. you back twice, but this time she has said that unless you come here and hopefully learn your lesson, she will not.

This woman most love you a lot.
My personal opinion is that if I caught you once I would have kicked you out, but that is my personal opinion.
I am going to pass sentence now.
Lucy continued, You will receive four strokes of the cane.

Three for each occasion that you were unfaithful and one for actually getting caught.
You are lucky I am feeling lenient and not making it one stroke for each occasion you were caught.
The strokes will be given with the repeat offender cane.

Move over to the spanking bench now, so that I can restrain you.
You will receive your punishment from Corporal Little.
Private Smith is restrained, said Lucy.

The punishment can begin.
Right, said Jo, fetching the repeat offender cane.
She gave it a few swishes through the air and flexed it a few times.

Right, Private Smith, let us do our best to teach you not to cheat on your poor partner, said Jo.

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