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I felt Brittany shift her body on the bed.
I opened my eyes to see Brittany next to me swinging her leg over my head as to straddle my face.
Eat my fucking pussy, Brittany commanded as she straddled my face planting herself on my lips.
I started on her clit.

Flutter tonguing her pleasure button.
She took her breast in her hand and began massaging her breast and pinching her nipple.
She used her other hand to grab my head and force it deeper into her slit.
I penetrated her with my tongue.

My tongue was fucking her.
I ate her from the inside.
Her juices ran into my mouth. Dulcethonnson live gay sex.

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Her waters were sweet and she smelled of fresh flowers.
I dont know what Brittany had used to make her snatch smell so intoxicating but I was drawn in.
I ate her furiously and wildly.
She moaned and stated to call out my name.
Oh Zach, oh god Zach, eat that fucking pussy.

Dont stop! It feels so good.
Oh god Im going to cum! Brittany exclaim.
I felt her shutter and her pussy clinched around my tongue.
She released her love juices into my mouth.
My mouth was filled with her cum as I swallowed it down.
She slid off of me and laid flat flat on the bed.

Oh my god Spirituele datingsite nederland. that felt great.
Jessica switch me spots, Brittany said.
Jessica released my cock from her mouth and crawled up my body and on to my face.

Brittany slid down and took my cock back into her mouth.
Jessica tasted just as sweet as Brittany but he smelled of strawberries.
She really took care of herself.

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