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He knew of a place down the road that delivered for free.
He would take her later in the day if she wanted.
They spent the next few hours unpacking the delivered boxes, and chatting about music, food and art to pass the time.

Both were starting to get a little tired but they only had a few boxes left.
Phew, exclaimed Chloe.
I didn’t realize how many boxes I had.

Chloe lay down on the floor to relax a bit.
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Galleon had his back turned away from Chloe unpacking one of her Completely free sex tonight. boxes.

Inside was a little surprising.

He had discovered her sex stash including a dildo, a few vibrators, some naughty books, and some nipple clamps.
It made Galleon’s dick jump to life in his pants.
He put the items back in the box and closed the lid; he didn’t want Chloe to know he had found the items.

Galleon turned and noticed that Chloe had fallen asleep on the floor.
Even asleep, she is stunning, Galleon thought.
He picked Chloe up and carried her to the bed and placed her under the sheets.

He climbed in next to her to adjust her pillows and was hit with her female scent. Big dildo pegging.
His hard dick was straining for release from his shorts.
At the same time a wall of exhaustion hit him and he drew the sheet over him and fell asleep next to Chloe.

Chloe awoke sometime later, realizing she was no longer on the floor.
She also noticed that there was a hand draped over her stomach.
She was startled at first, but then realized Galleon had moved her and had fallen asleep as well.

She got up to go to the bathroom, but the large bulge under the covers stopped her.
Chloe’s mouth began to water from curiosity.
Just a peak, he’ll never know, thought Chloe.

Watching Galleon’s face, she removed the covers to get a better look.
His penis had to be at least 9 inches long and at least 4 inches thick.
She slowly moved her hand and caressed the tip of his dick.

Still covered by his shorts she could tell it was getting harder by the stimulation.
Chloe gently wrapped her fingers around the shaft and could barely touch the other side of her hand.
She checked once again to see if he was still asleep.

Galleons eyes burned into hers, scaring her stiff.
She couldn’t move and still had her hand around his dick.
I’m, I’m so sorry; I don’t know what came over me, Chloe managed to squeak out.

Suddenly Galleon was on top of Chloe kissing her passionately, pulling her hair out of her face.
Still scared stiff, Chloe laid there a moment until she relaxed enough to wrap her hands around his neck.
She kissed him back letting his tongue explore mouth.

Her whimpering told Galleon that it was okay to move on.

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