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Curious, I had a peek.
I saw Alex on her back, naked clutching her breasts.
Cora, also naked, with her face buried between Alexs thighs.
The noise was coming from her!

I was shocked but something stirred.
I carried on watching taking great to not let them see me.
I watched Cora bring my daughter to orgasm and I felt weirdly jealous and worryingly turned on.

Whether I was jealous of my daughter in having exploded or of Cora for licking my daughter out I couldnt say.
I was confused as hell and very horny.

I quickly went to my room and relieved the tension with my favorite toy.

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After that, I felt like Id done wrong but something was awakened and I was curious to see what happened.
One thing Horny married wives huangfupu. was certain, I couldnt just look at Alex and see an attractive young woman anymore.
I saw someone I fancied and couldnt help check her out.

The mornings were hardest when she wore really short pajama shorts or would come downstairs in a skimpy nightie.
Id long accepted I had somewhat of a thing for a sexy nightie.
I loved seeing my lady companions in them and I loved to wear them even when on my own.

I loved the way the silk would feel against my skin.
I would feel very feminine, very sexy and very confident.
Seeing Alex dressed the same gave the same feelings.

Things hotted up properly one evening when we had a girlie night together.
Jon was away with his Anne_beth chatting milf. sports team for the night and that left Alex and me to ourselves.

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Dick howard plasterers union.