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Her hands and my cock were covered in pre-cum.
And, the pre-cum that was oozing out was even mixed with a little cum.
I was close; in wonderful agony and ecstasy; and was ready to explode.

With both hands, Gail lightly, slowly, sensuously kept stroking my cock and running her fingers over its swollen, sensitive head.
Her eyes alternately focused on my eyes and on the little slit at the tip of my cock, watching to see if she had gone too far.
Do you want to cum? she asked.

Does it feel good? I told her that I was ready and would not last much longer.
Say please, she said.

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She lowered her mouth over the head of my cock and began to slowly suck on it, staring into my eyes.
It took only a few seconds of her warm mouth on my cock before I erupted.
I had warned her; I told her that I was going to cum. London women looking for sissies.
But she kept the head of my cock in her mouth.

She wanted to swallow.
I shot streams of hot cum into her mouth, much of which she could not swallow.
Cum flowed out of the corners of her mouth and over my cock, while she fought not to choke.

She looked up at me, still milking my cock of its prize, and smiled as cum ran off her chin in long threads onto her breasts.
She was excited, having enjoyed the whole experience.
I was drained.
Gail didnt need any more lessons from me.

My name is Eunice, I am twenty years old, with 38DD-cup breasts and a tanned, toned body.
I keep my mound clean shaven.
Natalie is my eighteen year old stepsister.
She has never had a lover, I am her first.

Her mound is clean shaven and her 36C-cup breasts just arouse me every time I see them Smartboy619 chaturbate sex room..
After a night of unbridled love making, Natalie and I take a quick shower as I have a whole day planned for her.
Afterward we go to her room, arms around one anothers waist.

Sit Natalie, I want to do your hair.
She sits in front of the vanity in all her naked splendor.
What is the plan for today, Eunice?

You will have to be patient, my dear.
I pull her hair back into a ponytail, as she applies red lipstick to her full lips and red nail polish to her finger nails.

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