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Splash! The lawyer had imitated the professor and leapt in, and the doctor screamed as a small wave washed over her.
‘Oy!’ ‘Woah.
That feels great,’ the lawyer stared at his wet hand in wonder.
Droplets of water crawled across the doctor’s skin, causing much more of the lovely tingly feeling.

Sod it, she thought, took a deep breath, and with a push dropped in as well.
The water was cool and refreshing, and a strange excitement began to build inside of her.

There was a serene calm under the surface, and the doctor felt happy in the dark quiet depth, enjoying the sudden stillness until her breath had very nearly run out.
The rustling of leaves and the twittering of songbirds returned along with the golden daylight, and she turned to look at the men.

Both of them had a blissful, carefree look on their faces.
The lawyer genially patted the professor on the back.
‘Marvellous discovery,’ he said earnestly.
‘Well done, old bean.
‘ ‘It’s really nice,’ the doctor admitted.
‘ ‘You’re being rather impatient today,’ the professor said.

The doctor bit her lip. Tarra white hd.
‘Aren’t you curious at all?’ ‘I don’t have to be,’ the professor said proudly.
‘I have faith.
‘ ‘Faith?

You?’ the doctor had to laugh out loud.
‘Since when?’ ‘Ever since I set eyes on this spring,’ came the sincere reply.
He sounded like it too.
His voice was dripping with the certainty of a truly devout religious Slutload college students orgy. man.

The doctor looked at the lawyer for support and shook her head.
‘I can’t believe this.
‘ ‘I’m aware.

But you will,’ the professor said, and the doctor rolled her eyes.
‘Oh, leave him be,’ the lawyer smiled.
‘But I have to say, I’m rather curious as well.
What does your little story say about how this thing works?’ ‘Ah well, unfortunately, it’s Hotevelin horny male gay chat webcam random. not one little story,’ the professor explained.

‘There are countless accounts of people encountering this, well, this holy place, and they have a bit of a tendency to contradict each other.
Why’d you think it took us so long to find the bloody thing?’ The professor stroked his stubbly chin.

‘Luckily enough there are some constants,’ he continued.
He then waded through the water and reached for his trousers.
‘A prayer,’ he said.
‘A prayer and a sacrifice.
‘ ‘A sacrifice?’ the lawyer sounded alarmed, but the professor held up three one-hundred-pound notes.

‘More than enough for a sheep,’ he explained.
‘Seriously?’ asked the lawyer.
‘Oh yes, there was apparently a merchant who used gold coins, and I don’t see how this is any different.
‘ The professor dropped the banknotes, and they happily floated on the surface.

‘Now, let’s see that translation,’ he said and held up a piece of paper.
‘You’re mad.

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