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He pressed his pecks against her pert breast and thrust more and more, deeper and deeper.
He felt tiny contractions as he continued to fuck her.
The contractions grew stronger and he thrust harder.
He finally felt Roses vagina become greasy.

She was coming! He held on as long as any man could.
His climax came as big convulsions, reaching deeper than anyone else Rose had been with.
He filled her up with his come.
He came so much, it began to seep out onto her thigh and bed as Michael continued to thrust.

Rose, reaching down to touch her clit, and feeling the mass of the load he gave her, came again. Pregnant naked mom selfshot.
Michael stopped, his fantasy finally fulfilled.
He squeezed her large breast and gently kissed the nipples.

He took a deep breath, completely satisfied! He felt her smooth body laying underneath him and smiled.
Suddenly, the unlocked front door burst open and sunlight filled the hallway straight back to Roses bedroom! His bare ass and balls exposed as he was still in the position to kiss her breasts.

Michael knew the figure he saw in the sunlight… To be continued
My hands went lower onto the swelling of her buttocks.
Youre naked.
Yes and youre still half dressed, she giggled.

She pushed her knee Rosacea facial wash. into my groin and felt my erection under my shorts.
Mmm that feels interesting, and she disappeared under the sheet, I felt my shorts being pulled Like van lexmond. down and then a pair of velvety smooth lips drew my fully erect cock into a warm embrace.

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Dating profile with penis size pics.