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Soft moans escaped her lips as her arousal grew.
Katja looked on as Sonia became more and more aroused.
She felt her own arousal begin to increase.
Hot moisture began to build between her own legs.
I released the rope attached to the chest harness and slowly lowered Sonia towards the floor.

Till her body was almost parallel to the ground, and tied the rope off locking her in that position.
I pulled her thong to the side and rubbed my palm across Cute girl for older guy over 40. her hairless pussy.
Sonia reacted immediately to my touch.
She lifted her head slightly, and groaned in aching pleasure.

Katja took close up pictures of Sonias facial expression as she unconsciously bit her Shemale masturbation movie. lip. Wife monster cock anal.
As Sonias moans became more audible, I stopped rubbing her pussy and slapped her ass.
The slap caused Sonias body to jerk.

Katja jumped with a start at Sonias instant reaction to the sting of my hand, and continued to take pictures of Sonias morphing facial expressions.
I reached around with my right arm and slid my thumb into Sonias mouth.
It took her a few seconds for her to comprehend what I wanted.

She sucked on my thumb and let her spit build up in her mouth.
I slid my saliva covered thumb out of her mouth.
You might want to get on your back, underneath Sonia, to take the next set of pictures, I sternly said to Katja.

Katja quickly dropped to her knees and rolled on to her back, then wiggled her body using her elbows and feet till she was face to face with Sonia.

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Dating for iowa.