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My name is Claire
I shot him a half smile as I went to get out.
I know, call me Al

Claire, he touched my hand as I clambered out the car like I was drunk.
Al, I smiled as I stood looking at him as he gracefully emerged from the car.

We walked up the cascading mountain of marble that was the stairs, passed the identical water features on either side of the grand and lavish staircase.

We strolled along a long solid marble hallway and into the entrance room which was more marble, floor to ceiling, with the most magnificent chandelier hanging in the middle of the room.

It had ornate carvings in the marble walls and a huge self portrait of the Sultan on a twenty foot wall.
Plush silk sofas with matching curtains and throw cushions big enough to seat 40 comfortably.

We stopped at a double doorway that opened to reveal a huge solid wooden table; it could have been 100 feet long with at least 60 chairs. How do girls lose their virginity.
It was overflowing with fresh fruit, water, coffee, tea, confectionary, everything you could ever want and more.

Please, help yourselves, the Sultan motioned to us.
Thank you, Sultan, my uncle Dave stammered.
Thank you
Al, I replied.
You know, it feels very Full cowgirl sex position. strange calling you Al, I said quietly.
what would you rather call me, Claire? he Whos doing sarah palin hustler movie. enquired.

Oh no
I wasnt meaning I should get to call you anything else, I just mean everyone else is calling you Sultan and Im calling you Al.
I scrambled to explain, blushing again.

You are very cute when youre flustered Claire
he laughed.
My uncle intervened by coughing to let us know he was still there.
I think its time myself and Claire was getting home.
My wife will be worried about us, he announced.
Oh, okay.
Well my driver can take you home.

He snapped his fingers.
Ramey, take Mr.
Bale and Claire home.
Yes Sultan! he replied from nowhere.
The Sultan walked us out to the car where we said our goodbyes, thanked him for rescuing us and for a lovely afternoon at the palace.

We figured that would be the last we would be seeing him.
A week later
A phone call from the Mercedes dealership to say the car was ready to be picked up worked out to be the chance meeting with the Sultan again.

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Dating for fun little grand rapids.