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Then I pushed two of my fingers inside her as I started licking between Dating married people. her lips and sucking her clit.
Her sounds became louder and louder, her hands keeping my head in place – as if I would have stopped! Taking my fingers out of her I replaced them with my tongue.

I desperately wanted to put them in my own dripping pussy, but I remembered the order she gave me not to touch myself and not to cum until allowed.
This was torture and arousing at the same time! As her legs started to tremble, her pussy stiffened, and then she started to cum.

Her back raised up from the bed as her body formed an arc.
Cum shot out of her cunt and my face was drenched by her juices, which I tried to swallow.

She lay on the bed, completely worn out and I licked her juices until she was dry, then I cleaned my face with my fingers, licked them and then resumed slave posture.

My pussy was aching in desire and my thighs were moistened by the juices that had leaked from my overheated cunt.

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After some minutes, Serena recovered then she stood up and looked at me noticing my unease.
You did good slave! she told me.
Slut is happy that Mistress is pleased I whispered.
Slut touched her pussy to make herself cum, I can see she is uneasy.

Does she deserve another punishment? she asked me.
Mistress, this slut did not touch the slave slut body belonging to Mistress.
She was ordered not to touch and not to cum and obeyed Mistress I told her she is uneasy because the slut’s pussy is dripping down her legs and she craves release.

Regarding slut’s punishment, slut cannot say if it is deserved.
It is up to Mistress to say if she decides slut deserves to be punished, and then slut will accept her punishment.
Come here and kiss me she ordered.

I walked toward her and we kissed for the very first time, it was like drink from a fresh fountain.
Our tongues chased each other, we explored each other’s mouths and then she told me to lie on the bed as she had not yet tasted me.
Slave slut is eager to obey.

Slut requests permission to talk? she nodded in agreement.
Slut is unworthy of such honour.
Yet slut is happy for being so honoured.
Slut is grateful to belong to Mistress.

Then I lay on the bed and she started caressing my whole Bridget4u gay handjobs cams4u. body, focussing on my tits and nipples.

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Dating dating new nyu york.