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Dating advice when to be exclusive.

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Mistress applies more pressure against Ashley’s tight opening.
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She looks behind her, at Tessa, helplessly watching from the cage.
She’s going through this because you let her misbehave.
Naughty, naughty… Mistress scolds Tessa.
Ashley feels a stream of guilt run through her mind.

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Tell Tessa it’s not her fault.
It’s not, I chose this.
Mistress eases the plug into Ashley’s hole with more pressure.

Her moist ring begins to open up, accepting the first inch of the plug inside.
Oh my fuck! The sensation inside Ashley’s little, pink anus is unlike anything she’s experienced.
The raw force of the plug invading her most private area spreads panic through her body.

Ashley’s nipples harden and bulge to the point of aching.
Her vagina opens itself up with hungry need, as it drips its honey all over the floor.
Ashley’s belly cramps with fatigue from suppressing her carnal urges.
Her body screams at her for straining it to such an extent.

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As Mistress holds the device firmly in position, Ashley can feel her struggling ring, slick with her sex juices, pulsing around the plug.
The thoughts forming in Ashley’s mind are now gone.
She feels completely at Mistress’ mercy, like a toy, an object.
Relax, slut.
Push back against me.

Come on, gently.
Open up your ass for me, push.
Mistress’ words sit in Ashley’s brain.
Mistress is the only thing in the world right now.

She gives Ashley a single path to follow, a beam of light in her dark situation.
Ashley’s whole body is aching in desperation and trembling with pleasure.
She tries to follow the advice of Mistress and open her ass up.

Hoping, madly to please the powerful woman taking her on this journey.
Ashley does the best she can to concentrate and focus her mind on the metal object pressing her tight asshole open.

She tries to relax her anus around the rigid device, but the fire in her calfs and the cuffs on her wrists make it impossible.
Ashley lets out a frustrated scream.
Breathe slut.

Take a long, deep breath.
We aren’t going anywhere until you take this inside you, Mistress informs.
The large metal plug sitting in her soaking, swollen pucker causes Ashley to pant and shake.

She tries to push out with her asshole as Mistress instructed.
The plug is able to squeeze, ever so slightly, deeper inside Ashley’s tiny hole.

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Dating advice when to be exclusive.